Membership – The Outback Alliance


  • To provide an effective voice to raise awareness of the unique issues impacting and opportunities available to Outback Australia
  • To Identify key areas of influence
  • To develop a set of “Outback Policy Principles and Protocols” and implement them across the full spectrum of public policy and programs.
  • To establish understanding and support from politicians, bureaucrats and the broader communities for remote Australia


The Outback Alliance members aim to provide:

  • An effective forum to continue to drive the policy frameworks to achieve an equitable future for Outback Australia;
  • Government and the Australian community recognition for the need to have, and engage in wide ranging cross sectorial discussions on the systemic challenges facing Outback Australia;
  • A high-level understanding and acceptance of the systemic challenges facing Outback Australia;
  • A high-level understanding and acceptance of what is needed to address existing policy framework failings;
  • An effective forum to continue to drive the policy framework required to achieve a fair and equitable future for Outback Australia;
  • “Outback Policy Principles and Protocols” embedded into policy development in government processes.


A thriving Outback Australia, for the people and the land, that contributes visibly to the wellbeing of the nation.


  • Connection to Country: Recognition of the Outback as a place of belonging for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
  • Environment: An ecologically robust Outback that sustains and supports nature.
  • Health: healthy outback communities that have access to the services they need.
  • Land-Based Livelihoods: Resilient Outback land managers delivering positive outcomes for Australia
  • Economic Development: Integrated and thoughtful policy adjustments that enable the Outback to better contribute to the Australian economy.
  • Digital Inclusion: Improved connectivity and digital inclusion to engage and strengthen Outback communities
  • Inclusiveness: All people especially those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups.
  • Partnership: work with others in a spirit cooperation and collaboration
  • Sustainable development: economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.


  • The Steering Committee (SC) will be the governing body that will drive the work of the Alliance.
  • Member organisations will select/nominate a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 volunteer members for the Steering Committee.
  • SC members will have the ability to commit and contribute to the work of the Alliance.
  • As the Alliance grows and develops SC will be chosen via nomination and vote from members and affiliates.  A more formal governance structure and processes will be established only when this is needed.
  • The SC will meet regularly – up to 8 meetings annually – approximately every 6 weeks

The Steering committee will:

  • Determine the focus of the Alliance
  • Drive action
  • Manage finances
  • Manage secretariat
  • Present on behalf of members
  • Determine and record SC agendas, papers and minutes
  • Provide Secretariat reports
  • Develop strategic and operational plans
  • Manage membership, including recruitment and mechanisms for approving/not approving members.


  • Members represent organisations which operate in the best interest of Outback Australia or/and are individuals who have a passion and interest in the welfare of Outback Australia.
  • Our membership will reflect the breath and diversity of outback Australia and represent the different sectors/interests of the Alliance, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, environment, health and business organisations.
  • Members may be: Paying member; non-paying member; sponsor; or a partner (see table below).
  • New members will be recruited to ensure that the membership base reflects the policy priorities of the Alliance.
  • The Outback Alliance will aim to increase its membership by 2-3 members per year.

Download a copy of the membership document here: Outback Alliance Membership Application Form 2020