Join the Alliance

Organisation Membership

    Paying member with financial and in-kind support provided
    Represent issues at a policy level
    Give the Alliance a broad sector coverage
    Input on policy/documents and approach
    Signatory, Promoted on documents and at events
    Receives SC minutes
    Receives quarterly updates
    Strategic planning input

    Non-paying member
    Outback/remote interest one aspect of the organisation’s work/interests
    Support the work of the Alliance
    Share goals and principles of Alliance
    Receives quarterly updates

    Non-active paid supporter
    Promoted on documents and at events
    May speak in support of Alliance at events
    Receives quarterly updates

    Project partner to a defined end
    Working with Alliance membership to achieve progress on OA policy priorities
    Focused activity on project/activity/policy
    Receives quarterly updates
    Project focused communication

    Network Member
    Paying or non-paying
    Individual who supports OA purpose
    Support the work of the Alliance
    Share goals and principles of Alliance
    Input to the work of OA
    Receives quarterly updates
    - To provide an effective voice to raise awareness of the unique issues impacting and opportunities available to Outback Australia
    - To Identify key areas of influence
    - To develop a set of “Outback Policy Principles and Protocols” and implement them across the full spectrum of public policy and programs
    -To establish understanding and support from politicians, bureaucrats and the broader communities for remote Australia.

    I/We support the Visions and Principles of the Alliance and will work to facilitate the achievement of the outcomes of the Outback Alliance.

    I/We understand that becoming a member of the OA requires a cash/in-kind contribution. The organisation will contribute (an agreed cash amount) or (Administration services) in-kind for the following period to be reviewed annually.