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Policy brief – place-based investment

Place-based policy and investment are being implemented or proposed across a range of sectors and localities. However, very few of these initiatives (if any) are taking place in the remote Outback communities of Australia. 

Place-based approaches are particularly important to Outback Australia because the social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions faced by communities in the outback are different to those in the more-settled locations where policies are usually devised. 

The Outback Alliance is proposing a pilot program to trial place-based investment in five Outback communities. The pilot includes a process for determining criteria for selecting those communities. 

A total of $3.15 million is required to engage local facilitators who will have access to quick-response funds, for comprehensive research and feasibility work and for national program coordination. 

We also seek commitment from agencies to align existing investments with outcomes identified as priorities by these communities.

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