The Outback Alliance members and key stakeholders from diverse sectors discuss issues and challenges that have been identified following the first outbreak of COVID-19:

  • How has Covid-19 hit the Outback? What happens now?
  • What are the differences in service delivery between urban Australia and Outback Australia?
  • What policy change is necessary to ensure Outback communities are supported to thrive?
  • What can we learn from the Outback and remote communities?
  • Shared themes, opportunities and lessons emerge as the series progresses, enabling deeper cross-sectoral understanding, and identification of future Outback-appropriate policy development.

Conversation # 7 – Where to for the Outback?

Reflecting on previous conversations, what is needed at the national and local level to ensure that the Outback can survive and thrive in a post-Covid world? What learning and lessons can the Outback offer the rest of Australia? Presenters: Tyronne GarstoneKimberley Land Council & Liz RitchieRegional Australia Institute & Mark Stafford-SmithCSIRO.